Don Quixote of La Mancha

Inspired by Don Quixote’s wanderings, two feisty senoritas and a downtrodden Englishman embark on a journey through medieval Spain taking on one of the most accomplished works of fiction ever written.

Accompanied only by a flamenco guitarist whose presence there makes no sense whatsoever, they will lead you to joy, pain and ultimate wisdom. Sixty glorious minutes concluding with a common sentiment: “These guys did not read the book”.

Winner of The Stage Award 2014


Performed by
Merce Ribot
Patricia Rodriguez
Stephen Harper
Maria Camahort
Directed by Ian Nicholson
Adapted and Written by Tiffany Wood
Associate Director Aitor Basauri
Set & Costume Design by Sophia Simensky
Lighting Design by Seth Rook-Williams
Produced by Little Soldier Productions with Jacksons Lane
Associate Producer Bridget Floyer
Supported by Arts Council England

Tender Loving Care

“My brother’s trying to win the war. He’s fighting. We should be fighting. I’m brilliant at fighting.”

June 5, 1944, Southsea Beach. A girl named Poppy stands on the precipice of history. Tomorrow is the biggest day of her life: D-Day.

Along with her friend Evie, Poppy finds herself volunteering in a Southsea hospital, preparing for the arrival of casualties of the D-Day landings. Poppy has always wanted to be a war hero, but instead finds herself being asked to do the unthinkable – provide a German prisoner of war with compassionate and tender care.


Jessica Burgess – Evie
Felicity Ferdinando – Matron Millicent Melville
Edward Green – Josef
Naomi Petersen – Poppy

Creative Team
Ian Nicholson – Director
Vickie Donoghue – Writer
Rebecca Brower – Designer
William Edelsten – Music Director
Francesca Ashcroft – Stage Manager
Bryony Edwards – Assistant Designer
Jessica Hughes – Costume Assistant
Laura Doye – Producer
Produced by Old Salt Theatre in association with New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth.
Supported by Arts Council England

The Last March

Dog sleds, icy adventure, and a bitter race to the end; The Last March is the thrilling comedy of Captain Scott’s last daring bid to conquer the South Pole is brought to life onstage.

Using spirited humour, frantic physicality and of course bucket loads of revitalising tea, The Last March will tell the story – from its hopeful beginnings full of promise and adventure, to its bleak snow swept end.


Samuel Dent as Captain Robert Falcon Scott

Sam Gibbs as Lt. Bowers, Captain Oates, Petty Officer Taff Evans & Dr
Bill Wilson

Pernilla Holland as Kathleen Scott & Roald Amundsen

Designed by Victoria Smart

Stage Management & Technical Operation by April Sarson

Relighter – Dom Hart

Originally performed by Gethin Alderman, Anna Zehentbauer & Sam Gibbs

Created in association with the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

Supported by Arts Council England


Boxmouth is an interactive theatre show where families will be involved in the action to time travel with the cast across space and time to high seas, alien invaded futures and dragon ravaged old worlds. The exciting key element to the show is that everything from the set, props and costume will be made from cardboard boxes.

“I wanted to create a show that people could be involved with, to play their part in, and part of that was making sure people could keep playing their part when they left the show, to give ideas that could be continued at home with the families.”


Performed by Ian Nicholson and William Edelsten
Original Music by William Edelsten
Designed by Sam Martin
Produced by Old Salt Theatre, in association with New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth.

Animal Farm

“Those ribbons that you are so devoted to are a badge of slavery. Can you not understand, Comrade, that liberty is worth more than ribbons?”

Performed at Arcola Theatre in May 2011 by the Arcola Youth Theatre
Written by George Orwell, adapted by Ian Woolridge
Designed by Amy Yardley

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