The Ingenious Gentleman: Don Quixote of La Mancha

Nick Awde

“technically brilliant and jaw-droppingly entertaining hour of theatre…Devised by the company and directed by Ian Nicholson, what makes this piece so winning is the total respect they bring to the story, the story within the story, the audience and the performers themselves, so rarely seen in today’s theatre, and they do this effortlessly”

Daisy Bowie-Sell

“hilariously dirty adaptation…it’s so much fun to watch. In essence, it’s a highly enjoyable tribute to an often gloriously silly work of literature.”

Jen Bolsover

“The direction is slick and clever. There’s nothing on the stage that isn’t used to brilliant effect, particularly the trapdoors which facilitate much of the comedy as well as the surprisingly poignant ending. The meta-theatrical devices – the loose play within a play structure and the joyful disregard for the fourth wall – are all clear, consistent and intelligently applied.”

Kyung Oh

“This is an absolutely riveting and hilarious physical theatre show. A must see.”

The Last March

Agnes Frimstone

“Using spirited humour, frantic physicality and three wooden crates, Nicholson has whipped up a gem with poignant moments that fit in with the comedy perfectly. The audience was howling in parts, and Gibbs’ violently shaking tea-pouring proves that sometimes, the old jokes, presented in a new way, are the best.”

Anne Broom

“Ian Nicholson directs a show with swift-moving scenes played out..With huge ingenuity and inventiveness, three wooden crates are deployed in numerous ways whether as cradle, desk, or hilariously, as various stairways aboard Scott’s ship as an essential cargo of whisky is stowed”

Mark Shenton

“Squealing with delight…this could yet turn into another 39 Steps”

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